Independence Fire Department, AMR crew helps with special delivery

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October 02, 2018
Independence Fire Department, AMR crew helps with special delivery
INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – On Monday, September 17, a crew from Independence Fire Station One responded to a medical emergency call. When they arrived, they were met by a first-time mom-to-be in active labor. The baby was presenting breech and in a hurry to make his entrance into the world. IFD crews assisted the mother as she delivered all but one shoulder and the head, when it was discovered the cord had wrapped around the baby boy’s neck. An IFD crewmember held the cord off the neck of the baby while the AMR crew assisted with the rest of the difficult delivery. Immediately following the successful delivery, AMR assisted with warming, drying and stimulating the baby, in addition to providing supplemental oxygen administration. The newborn was then moved to the ambulance, and transported to a local hospital.
“This was an extremely difficult and challenging delivery in the field,” Independence Fire Chief Doug Short said. “Our crews are prepared to respond in 
any emergency and that training resulted in a healthy baby and mom. This is a delivery no one will soon forget.”
On Monday, Oct. 1, the mother, Jacqueline Riley, and her son were reunited with Fire Equipment Operator Michael Peacock, Firefighter Steven Sheppard, Firefighter Cole Sammons and Ambulance crewmembers Dave McGee, David DeFrees, Crissi Moyer, Al Bermudez
and Supervisor Jason Bardwell.
Mayor Eileen Weir recognized the IFD and AMR crewmembers for their quick thinking and professionalism during the Oct. 1 Council meeting.
“The Independence Fire Department responds to thousands of medical calls each year and we are proud of their commitment to excellence which helped in this challenging situation,” Mayor Weir said. “We are proud to recognize this crew for their work, and glad mother and son are doing well.”

Meg Lewis, Public Information Officer

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